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Albuquerque Kennel Kompadres

city of albuquerque

animal welfare department 

While the Animal Welfare Department manages its public shelters, the sheer volume of animals that they must deal with still leaves funding gaps for those little things that make shelter life just a bit better and the animals just a bit more adoptable.  Your donations pay for:

  • Many, many dog and cat toys
  • Cat and dog beds
  • Litter pans, food bowls
  • Grooming supplies, collars, leashes, and crates
  • Special needs medical care
  • A spay/neuter voucher program 
  • Special adoption events and promotion
  • Supporting a wonderful and dedicated group of volunteers, who make sure the shelter animals receive a little more attention, interaction, and socialization.  

volunteer at the shelter

A 501(c)(3) charitable organization, Kennel Kompadres was formed in 2002 as a "friends of" the City's Animal Welfare Department.  Our sole purpose is to help promote and raise money to support the work of the Department in their efforts to:

  • educate the public on and encourage the humane treatment and care of animals
  • provide humane care for animals entrusted to their care
  • conduct and support spay/neuter programs
  • promote animal adoption

We support the Volunteer Program at the Animal Welfare Department and often seek their help and support with fund raising projects.